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Vara Paso Uno


New Mexico wines made from grapes harvested at numerous New Mexico Vineyards were distilled in a 1,000 liter traditional Spanish copper alquitara (pot still). A slow and relatively low temperature single distillation run produces a spirit ranging between 65 – 70% ABV. It is then rested in stainless steel while being brought to 40% ABV (80 proof) for bottling. It is finished un-filtered to preserve the maximum amount of natural wine fruit and floral aromatics.

Colorless, clean and clear. The nose shows essence of pears and flowers. On the palate flavors of white plums, pears, roses and lilies with a rich mouth-filling viscosity.

This brandy is medium-bodied and lingers pleasantly through its clean finish.

Paso Uno is delicious neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of soda or tonic and a twist. This artisanal white grape spirit is as dangerously mixable as your imagination permits.

Bottle Size: 1 L
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